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To create a sisterhood and experience the meaning of community.

To help women deepen and strengthen their walk with Christ.

To encourage women to live their lives to glorify and honor God.

FLOURISHING Ministries LLC is an online Women's Empowerment Ministry. Our mission is to help connect women to Christ through prayer, encouragement, and fellowship so they can live transformed lives.


Through this ministry, we hope to help women understand their identity in Christ, encourage spiritual maturity, and cultivate positive relationships with other women in Christ. 


Our Objectives:

  • To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ,

  • To encourage renewed mindsets and positive outlooks on life, and

  • To inspire women to walk in their purpose.


“We envision communities of women engaging in healthy and positive relationships with other believers."


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Hi, I'm Daisy! I believe God led me to create a women's ministry to honor Him and to serve women. I live my life as an example of how awesome God is, and I encourage women to do the same. 


We send weekly content to your email. Our topics are geared towards issues that women face on a daily basis. We give you encouragement and tools to remain steadfast in your faith.


We provide free resources that are designed to assist you on your walk with Christ. These resources provide an interactive way of learning God's word and how to apply it to your life.


Prayer is how we fight all of our battles. We are prayer warriors and we believe prayer changes things. We pray for guidance and direction on how God will want us to move in ministry.

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