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5 Tips For Healing

Healing looks different for everyone. Some heal more quickly than others, and some experience a longer healing process. I know one thing is for sure, that your healing process is not a race and it doesn't happen overnight.

In those seasons of healing, you must remain focused on God because the enemy will try to tempt your minds and lead you astray. But we must remain strong, because when we are weak, Jesus is our strength!

Whenever I am in need of healing or breakthrough I result in prayer and worship. However there so many ways to receive healing or if you're in need of a mental break. Taking care of your mental health is a crucial part of your healing, so don't neglect your mind.

Here are 5 tips for healing:

1. Prayer - When you communicate your needs to God he listens. We can come to God with anything and he will not judge us or condemn us, he accepts us.

2. Journal - Writing can be a form of therapy. It centers your thoughts and emotions and it allows you to be 100% honest. Sometimes we’re afraid to speak to people about our problems because we don’t want their opinions or judgment. So if you’re struggling with that WRITE IT OUT! Keep a journal nearby for those moments when you need an outlet.

3. Exercise- Moving your body releases built-up tension, anger, hurt, and stress. Built of tension causes stress and the more you stress the more your faith grows weary. Take your mind off of things and center your energy elsewhere.

4. Therapy - Speaking to a professional is OKAY! It’s necessary to verbalize your thoughts and emotions so you can gain clarity and understand why you are feeling the way you feel.

5. Dance - I use dance as a form of self-expression, therapy, and something fun to do whether I’m in a good mood or if I am or feeling down. Dance is a visual form of your emotions and it’s such a freeing feeling when you can release and express what you’re feeling in art form!

If you're still in the healing process keep pressing, keep praying, and do not give up. Be persistent, God is with you every step of the way.

Meditate on Scripture: Jeremiah 17:14 - Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.

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