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Are You Prepared for Virtual Bible Study?

Hosting a virtual Bible study or small group session can be quite interesting. And you might think that just because you’re virtual you don’t have to give 100%. Well, I’d like to differ. Showing up ready to go, ready to learn, and ready to join in community should be a 100% effort no matter the meeting place.

If God only showed up in churches then some of us wouldn’t know who he was. But God is omnipresent, and he shows up wherever we are whenever we need him. So, we must do the same for him. Show up to our virtual gatherings with the same enthusiasm and desire just as if we were meeting in person.

So, to make sure you’re ready during your next virtual bible study or small group session, here are some of our MUST-haves:

- Video Hosting System: First things first you actually need a system to host your Bible study on! I use Zoom for everything, and I highly recommended it. There are paid versions, but you can also stick to the free version to save money. Use an online video system that works for you and your budget. There are many ways to get creative! Being virtual doesn't have to be boring, the possibilities are endless!

- Bible: It’s the source of our knowledge! The Bible App is fine too, but I would encourage you to get a physical copy of the Bible so you can journal, write notes, and really dive deeper into the word without the distractions of phone notifications. Also, try getting a cute Bible or a journaling Bible. Get the Bible that speaks to your needs the most and that would excite you to open it daily

- Notepad: Having a notepad handy is a must-have especially when it comes to writing out scripture and notes for later use. You can use your notepad to write down anything the spirit is speaking to you in that moment.

- Tissue: You just never know when the waterworks are going to come.

- Worship Music: Invite the Holy Spirit into your area, whether it’s your room or your car, invite him in. Setting the atmosphere can put you in the right headspace to seek God.

- Pens: Using pens of different colors can be a really nice way of giving your notes a personal touch. It’s essential to have a writing utensil because if you hear a good message and want to jot some notes down you have the ability to. (Also, pro tip: always show up to a meeting with something to write with!)

- Highlighters: Sometimes using different colored highlighters can help with memorization and the breakdown of scripture.

Get creative with your time with the Lord, it’s totally worth it! Remember, how you show up to a virtual meeting to encounter God is just as important as an in-person meeting to encounter God. God isn’t looking at your space, he’s looking at your heart. Is your heart posture willing and desiring to seek God?

Meditate: Colossians 3:17 - And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

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