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Birthday Reflection

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

A few weeks ago I was blessed enough to celebrate my 27th birthday with close friends and family in the Washington, D.C area. I rented out a very chic Airbnb that was extremely breathtaking and it perfectly matched with the vision I had in mind perfectly. Especially when it came to photos!

One of my friends put together an awesome outdoor picnic for us, and it was absolutely stunning! She nailed my vision down perfectly and surpassed all of my expectations.

To keep the excitement going one of my best friends also surprised me with one of the most beautiful charcuterie boards I have ever seen! She even made a rose out of the salami platter. Now tell me that isn’t just genius!

Might I add she came in from out of town so, sis really did her thing! Okkkayy!!

I am truly thankful for such creative friends! I was overwhelmed with joy, and my heart was beyond full.

Although our weekend was brief, I will forever hold the memories near to my heart. With the ever-evolving situation, due to the pandemic, it honestly meant a lot to me that my friends spent the weekend with me.

As I reflect on how the pandemic has caused so many things to slow down, I know one thing is certain and that is the power of relationships and connections.

Last year I had a huge birthday brunch celebration, and literally, moments after brunch was over the city was shut down.

This year I had a small gathering and it was perfect. Of course, we made to wear masks when out in public and kept our distance from others whenever possible. Despite the restrictions and certain places not being open, we had an amazing time!

Although this year looked different, I’m thankful for the people I have in my life who go above and beyond to support one another and that’s one thing I can say for certain will never change.

Surrounding yourself with people who are genuine and kind is what makes all the difference during a time like this.

I am truly thankful for my circle of friends, whom I love dearly like family because they are hands-down the best people to do life with. I love them to pieces, and I know they’ll have my back no matter what and I will do the same for them!


God willing, I will have many more birthdays to come and many more celebrations to share.

Cheers to 27!

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