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Feeling Free✨

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

I am currently on a mini-vacay at our late Great Grandmother's house, and I must admit it feels very strange to be staying here and she's not here. But I know she's watching over us. This has always been a place of fun, great food, and great memories with friends and loved ones.

Being here has been such a freeing feeling. I don't have to worry about work, teleconferences, meetings, or running reports...I can let my natural hair out and just be free!

There is such a beauty in being your authentic self. I don't have to wear makeup, dress up, or worry about staying up too late because I'm doing me this week and I love it! I'm eating everything I want, why? Because I can! It feels great to not be restricted to meal plan this week--it feels great to eat a slice of pizza and not feel bad about it!

Aside from that, I'm taking the time to get my spiritual life in order. I brought along my Bible, prayer journal, and my Preaching the Gospel to Yourself devotional because being away is the perfect time to get into God's presence without all of the distractions that we have back at home. We're in the country and the only distraction there is might be the rooster that wakes me up every morning, haha! The birds aren't as annoying as the ones in the city, and even the insects are on chill mode. Yes, talk about distraction-free!

I enjoyed my quiet time outside today and I was pleasantly surprised by the calming silence of the light nature sounds. I can only imagine that this is what Eden sounded like, peaceful. No police cars, no ambulances every 20 min, and definitely no sounds of humming cars in traffic. I could definitely get used to this!

I also had my first glass of wine since March the other night! Whew, talk about a great sweet red wine to end the night accompanied with a good book! Yes, I am definitely loving my vacation. I'm taking it all in now because I know when I get back to reality- life will be back to our "new normal." Even though it's not super glamorous it's freeing and peaceful and my soul is grateful!

Taking time to get away is a must! I've been able to self-reflect and really get back into a positive headspace. This vacation was much needed.

How are you ending your Summer?

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