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Knowing Your Worth

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Do you know your worth?

I'm sure we all have different answers to that question, but it's a serious question.

Do you know your worth?

Do you know how valuable you are?

Most importantly, do you know how valuable you are to God?

I know sometimes we think we've done things that may seem unforgivable, but God is constantly forgiving us and our sins. I've been there! I used to think God would only see my flaws, but now I know that in His eyes we are flawless. When we think the worst about yourselves, He thinks highly of us. When we think we're unlovable, He loves us unconditionally! When we think our life is in shambles, He'll show us grace!

We have to stop putting ourselves down and start viewing ourselves how God views us because His image of us is the only image that doesn't need validation, IT IS SO!

Regardless of what the world may think of us, it doesn't compare to how God views us, His daughters. The world will always have predetermined judgments of us, and I know it hurts! It hurts when people say things about us that can sometimes make us feel worthless. I've been there!

Growing up people would always compare me to my friends and that took a toll on me. It caused me to resent my friends. Not because of anything they did, but because of how everyone would view my imperfections in comparison to the "perfections" of others. That was the first time I experienced the feeling of "not feeling enough."

But I didn't know that those emotions and feelings of "not feeling enough" would affect me in the long run. In college, I dated this guy who would constantly put me down, and told me every chance that he got that I wasn't enough. I wasn't pretty enough, I didn't dress the way he liked, and everything I did wasn't "up to his standards", and so much more. Every day was a constant struggle of trying to make someone accept me, but nothing I did was enough. That relationship broke me.