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Leveling Up Mentally

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

This is something I'm challenging myself to do, "level up mentally". The past few weeks have been exhausting.

Between balancing my full-time job, working from home, and going into the office a few days out of the week, and trying to run a thoughts are scattered. I have been feeling unbalanced.

I've also been very hard on myself these past few weeks. I've been frustrated with the content I've been putting out on my Instagram and trying to be creative....but honestly, I need some empowering and encouraging myself.

I talk a lot about making sure to take care of yourself but I need to start listening to my own advice!

It gets hard sometimes ladies. But I also have to remind myself that even though my struggles are real, so is my God. He placed it on my heart to share with you all how to level up mentally because your mental health is so important.

So, here are some tips to leveling up mentally:

🌱 Prayer: Your prayers have power. When you pray, you begin to speak to things that you didn’t even know you were up against. Start praying and asking God to give you clarity, peace, and wisdom in areas where you sense confusion, doubt, and uncertainty. 

🌱 Positive Space: When you’re physically in a place that produces positive outcomes, you’re prone to producing and thinking positive thoughts. Simply by surrounding yourself with certain people or be in certain areas the atmosphere you’re in will begin to shift in a way that will have a positive reaction to your thoughts. 

🌱 Renew Your Mind: Begin shifting to thought patterns that serve you. No more talking down to yourself, no more self-doubt talk, and no more comparison! Every day make the intentional decision to renew your mind. 

🌱 You Are a Child of God: Knowing that you were created in God’s image should instantly give you peace. When the world tries to label you as something “other than a child of God,” remind them that you’re a product of the kingdom and nothing less.  Meditate on this: Psalm 92:12- The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

I pray these tips encourage you!

Share with a friend, and don't forget to flourish!

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