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New Year, What Are Your Goals?

Each year most people have a "Word For The Year" that helps set the tone for the year. That word is usually associated with goals or things they hope to accomplish. Last year, my word was, 'Abundance.' I was believing in God to move in a significant way in my life financially and in my personal life. And guess what? God surpassed ALL of my goals!

I believe that setting a word for the year is a great way to center your goals, priorities, and a great way to create a vision for the year. It's easy to "go with the flow" but there's something about goal setting and setting expectations that makes achieving those goals more obtainable.

But let's be real...we all know that goals can change, and that's okay!

That's the beauty of life.

Just because your goals change that doesn't mean that you're incapable of achieving that goal. It could simply mean your focus has shifted to a different, or a greater, priority. That happened to me a few years ago, I had a goal of purchasing my own car so I was saving every penny for that goal. But I was blessed to be gifted with a car instead! Since the goal of saving towards a car was no longer a priority, I shifted my focus towards saving to purchase my first home!

You see, I didn't stop saving money because I no longer needed a car - I kept saving money because it became a part of my routine. Since saving was something I began to do naturally I created another goal, which was to save for buying my first home and that became my main priority.

Sometimes it's not about reaching the goal, but it's about the actions we take to reach the goal and who we're becoming while achieving that goal, and I believe those actions are just as important as accomplishing the goal. By me seriously saving money towards a car I developed a habit of saving money regularly that till this day is still a habit of mine.

So, you see...goals are meant to develop us and that's one of the best things you can do for yourself is to grow and develop. Goals are personal, so please don't ever let anyone discredit them. Also, take it easy on yourself! Remember, goals don't beat yourself up if your goals shift. You are doing the best that you can and that in itself should be recognized.

This year, give yourself grace! It's OKAY if you don't reach every single goal on your list. It's OKAY if your goals shift, and it's definitely okay to reassess and reset your goals. It's all about the journey when it comes to your goals, so enjoy it! With God beside you, anything is possible.

I'm praying this year is YOUR BEST YEAR YET!

Let's be great this year.

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