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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Taking time out for yourself is NOT selfish.

In fact, it's quite necessary.

If we never took time out for ourselves we would exhaust all of our energy on the outward things and have nothing left to give ourselves. In order for us to be mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends we must first take care of ourselves. You can't provide love, advice, or be a shoulder to cry on if you're running on empty. We give our attention to work, our careers, and our significant others but what do we give to ourselves? Some of us rarely take vacations because we're so "worried" about someone needing you. Yes, people will need you...but you also need you. If we're being honest, we have to deal with ourselves on a daily basis more than anyone else has to deal with we might as well face the music. If you aren't right within, you can't fully operate and be attentive to anyone else, let alone yourself. You're producing at a 50 percent level when you could be giving your all.

Would you accept yourself at 50 percent?

If not, then don't allow others to accept you at that rate either.

This is why we as women must take care of ourselves because we too matter and deserve a break.

As the weekend approaches, take some time for yourself this weekend. If you're working from home, cook yourself a nice breakfast. If you're a mission-essential worker (thank you), order some carry-out and enjoy a nice meal. Or if you want to just treat yourself all together, by all means, DO IT!!!!!!

Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it's a lifestyle.

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