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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Whew, chile...SINGLENESS...........everyone's favorite topic...NOT!

I used to hate talking about being single, relationships, and love altogether. After being burned in every relationship I gave up on love and relationships. Just the thought of love would make me upset, and being the only single friend only made it worse!

It truly bothered me for a while because everywhere I turned ALL of my friends were in relationships, and it seemed like they just wouldn't stop talking about their partners!

Granted, I was happy for them but I also couldn't stand hearing about their date nights or cute gifts ALL OF THE TIME.

But God definitely worked on my heart in that area. He reassured me that there is someone out there for me. He also told me that my friends weren't being spiteful when they were discussing their relationships, but it was because they were happy! (talk about mindblown).

It took me years to stand firm and be secure in my singleness. Any insecurities I had I worked them out with God. As cliche as it sounds, I focused on myself. As time went on I stopped worrying about others and I stopped asking "when will it be my time?"

You might be asking yourself the same thing, and honestly, only God knows the answer to that. Why rush into something that might not be for you when you can take your time and wait on God's best? That's what I had to start asking myself. Yes, I would love to be in a relationship with some fine chocolate man...BUT if it's not my time, then it's not my time!

Needless to say, I am SO thankful for this single season because I get to spend more time getting to know myself and understanding God's plan for my life. I have nothing but time to spend time loving myself, working on myself, and walking in my purpose. I honestly believe if I was still dating the same guy I had no business dating months ago, FLOURISHING Ministries LLC would be non-existent.

God strategically had me leave that "entanglement" so He could properly place me in His presence to fulfill His will. (a word)

So, if you're single...girl ENJOY IT! Take yourself out, save your coins, enjoy more time doing everything you LOVE!

But of's easier said than done!


  1. Be intentional: Be intentional about what you want in this single season. Be intentional with your career. Be intentional about your finances. Be intentional about your walk with Christ! Now is the time for you to accomplish everything you have ever wanted to do! You can definitely have it all.

  2. Find a hobby: You have nothing but time to enjoy all of the pleasures of life without being on someone else's time, that's the beauty of singleness. When you're single you can do whatever you want, whenever you want! You have the freedom to prioritize yourself, so it! Join a community service project, start a blog, serve in a church, or start a business! Do what makes you happy.

  3. Treat yourself: Cook yourself a nice meal, take yourself shopping, or splurge on a nice vacation! Just because you're single doesn't mean you can't enjoy nice things. In fact, it's when you're single is when you should be treating yourself with so much love so when someone else comes into the picture you won't need them to fill any voids, because you will be entering into the relationship whole. When you know how to treat yourself you won't settle for anyone treating you less than what you deserve! *snaps*

  4. Be available: In your singleness, God can do miraculous works in your life so you must be available for Him to make a shift. When you're open and seeking God He will properly position you to receive your blessing. However, although hobbies are great don't become too busy to where God's voice is unrecognizable. I know sometimes we as singles can get so caught up "remaining busy" but there is such a thing as "too busy." If you are overly booked and busy you might miss out on what God's trying to tell you in this season. When you're available God will place you in a position where you'll meet your future spouse. *wink wink* You never know girl, that hobby you love so much might be the place where you run into your future spouse!

God is so creative with our love stories, so please don't think He's forgotten about you.

I believe your love story will be so unbelievable that it will blow your mind. I'm rooting for you sis!

Live your best single life, God's way!

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