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Why You Need Community

A community is a group of people you trust and consider your support system. Your community is made up of individuals you deem as like-minded and share common interests. They are the ones who encourage and uplift you, and always have your best interest at heart!

If you were once like me and always viewed community as "too much" vulnerability or "too much" of allowing others in your life.

But I want to encourage you today that community is awesome!

We need community more than ever especially when we're on our journey with Christ because the people you surround yourself with will be the ones you call on when you need them the most.

Butttt, if you're still on the fence about community, here are a few things that I've come to learn:

We need community for comfort. Going through life full in spirit but empty in your relationships can leave you feeling alone. Having a strong-knit community, or support system, will replace those empty spaces with positivity, joy, and a better sense of self. You'll have a new reason to interact with others and you'll want to do so more frequently. Your outlook on life will begin to shift from a low-frequency level into a more positive frequency level.

We need community for development. Through development, you will begin to build great rapport and establish great relationships. Getting in the right relationships can set you up with a plethora of doors to be open. The purpose of a community is for you to grow and develop relationships that are beneficial to your life. The more positive relationships you obtain, your community or support system will grow and your network will have expanded into a community of individuals who are all striving for common goals.

So, how do you go about getting into a community? Well, first things first you get connected!

Start attending networking events, befriend someone or volunteer in your hometown. Stepping out of your comfort zone is also a great way to increase your chances of attracting the right individuals into your life.

Simply being kind to others can make a major difference. Be the person you want to be in the right community with and allow your kindness to flow unto others! Everything in life is a journey, but it's totally worth it!

I pray your journey and walk with Christ are even more remarkable because of the people you have in your life who genuinely want to see you flourish.

Keep going girl, you got this!

Scripture for Meditation:

Romans 12:16 - Live in harmony with one another.

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