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You Have Choices

We've been talking a lot about spiritual gifts in our small groups lately, and it's truly been amazing! I've learned so much about how God intended believers to be together as one body of Christ. Throughout this series, it's become more evident that God will never force us to do anything, he presents us the opportunity but he doesn’t force us to act.

During our sessions, we've learned that our gifts are meant to build up the body of Christ. We have a choice to use our gifts for God's will or for our personal gain. God doesn't force us to use our gifts, he allows us to make that decision for ourselves. Regardless if we decide to follow his plan or go our own way there are consequences.

The consequences of following and obeying God is a life more abundant and fulfilling. You'll live a life of purpose! But when you decide to do things without God things may not go as planned.

In a world where some may be forced into labor or forced to partake in actions against their will God freely gives us the opportunity to make our own choices, and we shouldn't take that lightly.

So what choices are you making? Are your choices leading you closer to God or keeping you further away? Are your choices uplifting those around you or tearing them down?

It's in those critical moments of decision making where the only option we have is to say yes to God. So allow yourself to accept his hand. God is gracious in all his ways and gentle, and you don't have to take another step without him. When we decide to follow God’s plans, that’s when we begin to see our choices in action.

I would encourage you that when you’re in your prayer time/devotional time remember that you have a choice to use your gifts and God is the answer to all of your questions surrounding your gifts. You just have to make the decision, the choice, to allow him to do a good work within you and through you.

Meditate: Matthew 26:41- Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak!”

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