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Closing My Boutique...

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

I know what you're just opened it! Well, you're right. But, I missed out on one critical step, I didn't consult God. I didn't pray about it. I didn't come to Him FIRST. I didn't mention one word to God about it, and the result of that? My boutique failed!

Shocking right? To me no, I tend to do this a lot! I have an idea and I run with it and I don't think about the consequences sometimes, and I didn't put too much thought into what is required when it comes to running and owning a boutique. Between working my full-time job, trying to jungle coaching classes, ensuring I show up for my ministry, remaining active and leading my small group, and try to post on the boutique page...I am extremely overwhelmed.

Granted, there are others who manage it all themselves but I get stressed and anxious easily, so trying to juggle everything doesn't work well for me. That is why it's important that I think things through and not jump ahead of myself, and most importantly God, which is why I am making the decision to close my boutique.

I've always had a gut feeling that this isn't what I was supposed to do. But out of my own curiosity, I ignored the gut feeling and followed my own free will. But I knew God didn't plan this for me. How did I know? Well, I heard Him tell me "I did not tell you to do this." But I'm stubborn and I don't listen. I'm not perfect! Due to me not listening, my boutique failed within the first week. All of my products were unusable due to the manufacturer messing up all of my shirts. Then I found another manufacturer and they ruined those shirts too, not once but TWICE!! I was a wreck! I'm spending money and losing money and wasting time when I could be putting my energy into my ministry!

Ding ding ding!! That's when it hit me. I needed to get back to focusing on my ministry. Writing the devotionals and ebooks that God placed in my heart. Creating content and videos for our Facebook community, and being a leader. My ministry took the backburner and all of my focus went to the boutique.

Today, I actually felt God so heavily telling me to end it. I tried to reason with Him and tell Him "Well maybe I could only sell jewelry?" Nope. Nada! I couldn't face the music. I felt like I had let myself down, but deep down I think I already knew that this wasn't in God's plan for me. He called me to ministry and that's where I need to serve. I need to serve my community with my words and with my experiences.

I'm certain I will get another opportunity to open a boutique, but it will be on God's time, not mine!

The moral of the story is: TALK TO GOD! Bring your ideas your plans to God and listen to Him! If He gives you the okay then go for it, but allow Him to order your every step. If He tells you no, just know that there's a reason for that and something better is coming.

I am VERY excited to get back into my word and into the work of ministry, it truly brings me so much joy! I hope you all are ready for what God has instore for FLOURISHING! I know I am!

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